Mk 1 Cash Collection Trolley

The base of the trolley has a wide opening cash door that remains locked whilst the cash collection is made. It is recommended the keys for this lower door are not taken when collecting the money.

The cash is collected in a sturdy internal cash collection box that holds the cash safely in place whilst in transit. The cash access door can be opened once safely delivered.

Each trolley comes with an angled steer handle, and a secure chain wrist attachment which can activate a high pitch alarm if there is any attempt to steal the money.

Mk 1 is for note and coin collection.
Mk 2 is a long wheel-base trolley, for note and heavy coin load.
Mk 3 is as Mk1, but incorporating a top section permitting distribution of cash floats to staff tills.

Mks 1&2 offer a choice of alarm protection as an optional extra; Mk3 incorporates an alarm as standard.

The A suffix denotes alarm